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There is an increasing number of people choosing to or are living alone within the UK – are you one of them? If so, you may have a close network of friends and family in constant contact with you, but if you haven’t, have you considered for one moment what would happen if you suffered a serious accident or illness which left you unconscious or immobilised.

How long would it be before someone realised something was seriously wrong? What if you had a young child, elderly relative or responsible for a precious pet; what would they do?

You would hope someone would notice your silence pretty quickly, but can you guarantee it? Our service is designed to protect you and your precious ones from being left undiscovered for a prolonged period time. We can’t guarantees against a serious and life threatening accidents, illness or feelings of vulnerability, but we can guarantee your silence would be acted upon.

A simple and re-assuring service 

Escalation1 operates is a simple and reliable service aimed at ensuring your safety with the minimum of fuss. 
  • Act to protect yourself against the risk to you if something unfortunate should happen
  • Act to protect those who depend upon or are most precious to you 
The benefits of the service:
  • Using text messaging at a time you specified each day (the number of messages or contact method can be tailored to your needs. Just contact us we’ll be happy to help)
  • Rest easier knowing that a dedicated and professional team are there for you 24 hours a day 365 days of the year
  • Our team are polite, personable and friendly here to help you
  • If the service is triggered our team will escalate any situation in a calm, professional and controlled way   
  • If triggered, we will only stand-down when we know you or your dependents are safe and secured
  • Our service can help save your life, the life of those most precious to us and dramatically reduce the feeling of isolation and vulnerability
  • You can buy for yourself or someone else

Our Little Angels

  People You Love   Our Beloved Pets
It's not a nice subject, but unexpected and tragic things do happen to people. If, as a single parent living alone with your child would you risk their life? Some times if not you it's about them. Take steps to protect your precious ones and sign-up today.   If you live with a disabled relative andsomething happened to you how would raise the alarm? Our service about maintaining regular contact at a time of your choosing. If contact was broken then something could be wrong and Escalation1 would act. Shouldn't you and sign-up today?   Our pets stress when routines are broken i.e arriving home late. Therefore, imagine the stress they would suffer if in a serious accident you were unable to tell anyone that your pet was depending upon you. Don't leave it to chance and sign-up today.
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