Nobody would want scenarios like this occuring, but if they did, wouldn't you want re-assurance that your dependents were quickly confirmed as safe and secure..?


Michelle (Single Mother)
Michelle, a 44-year-old single mum lives with Grace her 3-year-old daughter. Michelle is a self-employed project manager living in London. Michelle frequently works from home as well as spending a couple of days a week at her client’s business premises. When Michelle work’s from home Grace stays with her. All other times, Grace spends time at her local nursery.

One day, Michelle had a serious accident at home leaving her unconscious. Her daughter was unable to raise the alarm. It wasn’t unusual for Grace not to be at nursery or Michelle to be at the client’s work place.

During the day, Escalation1 sent its regular communications message but didn’t receive a response. Follow up communications also went unanswered. Escalation 1 contacted one of Michelle’s key contacts who immediately went to Michelle’s home address where Grace was heard crying. Michelle’s key contact entered the home and secured Grace and called the emergency services. Once Escalation1 recognised the risk, Michelle’s key contact was on the premises within 20 minutes.

John (Pet Owner)
John is a 52-year-old engineer whose pride and joy is his Boxer Dog, Bruce. John was driving home on a summers evening looking forward to taking Bruce for a run over the park.

Unfortunately, John did not make it home. He was involved in a serious car accident and badly injured. When John failed to respond to Escalation1 messages, they made contact with one of John’s key contacts who with the assistance of the RSPCA secured Bruce who was suffering from dehydration but made a full recovery.
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