Our Story

The idea for Escalation1 started after a close friend had suddenly died leaving a young boy and a partner. His partner was away at a hen weekend when he died at home leaving their son alone in house until he was discovered by the distressed mother when she got home. Luckily, the boy was discovered within 24 hours suffering severe dehydration, which he recovered from. He was lucky because someone discovered him in time.

After being told the story, I remember waking up one morning hearing the sound of my beautiful daughter crying and the cat demanding his food! Then, as a single person living alone with my daughter and cat I remember thinking that if I hadn’t woken up, who would discover my daughter? When would they discover her, a day, two or three? My parents live 160 miles away and we speak each Sunday, my friends are close, but they wouldn’t think it unusual if they hadn’t heard from me for a day or two and work, well my absence would just trigger the company absence procedure!
From this I started Escalation1, a simple and effective service for independent people living alone or who are responsible for a child, precious pet or looking after a relative. I believe a simple contact message could make the difference between life and death of you or a dependent.

These are tragic real-life cases. Our service could have reduced the time they lay undiscovered and in some cases helped save a life.

August 2010: “The woman, named as Stephanie Wolf, 56, is understood to have died several weeks ago. Her 29-year-old daughter, who was reportedly paralysed from the neck down, was unable to care for herself. She was found alongside her mother at their in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, at the weekend.”

A single parent with a baby of 12 months suffered a blackout due to her diabetes fell into a coma it was only due to a neighbour hearing the baby crying late into the evening who raised the alarm. The baby was severely dehydrated and distressed. The actions of the neighbour saved the mother and baby.

A young man was found dead in his apartment. The body lay undiscovered for 3 weeks before a postman raised the alarm due to the vile smell coming from his apartment. It is thought he suffered an asthma attack due to the heat.

A woman was discovered in a critical condition after being discovered by accident in her home. It is believed Miss G lay undiscovered for 2 days due to her diabetes, which caused her to lose unconsciousness.

A baby boy has died after being found with the body of his father at a house in Lancashire. His six-month-old son was taken to hospital in a "very poorly condition" but later died. It is believed a female family member found the body. The baby boy’s father aged 39 was thought to have died 48 hours prior to being discovered.

A distressed mother finds her 29-year-old son dead after suffering an epileptic fit. He lay undiscovered for 4 days.
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