How does the service work?
Escalation1 uses a simple mobile phone text message and response principle to maintain a regular contact with the Customer. The Customer will receive a text message at a frequency and time specified by you with a request to reply within 1 hour to confirm they're ok.

If there is no response received then Escalation1 will send a second text message with a request to reply within 30 minutes. If no response is received to the second message then Escalation1 will try and call you directly on the telephone number you provided.

If we still can't reach you then Escalation1 will automatically call your Key Contact List. In the unlikely event of not being able to reach your Key Contact List then Escalation1 will make contact with the Police or RSPCA for support.


The Escalation1 service uses the simplicity and reliability of text messaging, a feature on all modern mobile phones. Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone these days and Escalation1 only requires that the Customer and Key Contact List know how to send and receive text messages.

There is no need for complicated Smart Phone Apps or changing settings on your phone. Once we set the service up it's ready.

Text messages received by the Customer are simple to understand and merely requires a straight forward response that literally takes seconds.

The Key Contact List

Central to the Escalation1 service is the Key Contact List. These are 3-5 trusted friends or family members that we will make contact with in the event of not being able to reach you.

On your Application Form you simply specify the names of your Key Contacts and their mobile telephone number. In the event of not being able to reach you, we'll message or phone all of your Key Contacts.

Don't worry about keeping the list up to date, every few months we'll remind you to check it for any changes.

For more information about our prices and how to sign up, click here.

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